29F016/032/033 TSOP-to-SNES Programming Adapter (TL866)

Buy the 29F016/032/033 Breakout Board Programming Adapter on my store page! This adapter is specifically for programming the 16 Mbit or 32 Mbit TSOP EEPROMs 29F016 and 29F032 or 033. The programming adapter reroutes the pinout of the SNES Mask ROM to the 40-pin TSOP adapter for use with the TL866 MiniPro programmer. This way, … Continue reading 29F016/032/033 TSOP-to-SNES Programming Adapter (TL866)

27C322/160/800/400 Programming Adapter (TL866)

Buy the 27C322/160/800/400 Programming Adapter on my store page! The 27C322 and 27C160 EPROMs are 42 pins wide. The TL866 and TL866II programmer only has room for 40 pins. So how are we going to deal with that? Well, the short answer is, we’re going to trick the TL866 into thinking we’re programming a different … Continue reading 27C322/160/800/400 Programming Adapter (TL866)

How to Make a SNES Reproduction Cartridge

Using my custom SNES PCBs to make your games? A quick guide has been generated for your viewing pleasure! Disclaimer: This is a somewhat involved process that involves a decent amount of soldering and possible desoldering, and using a lot of older technology. You might run into issues with broken parts, and it might get … Continue reading How to Make a SNES Reproduction Cartridge