SNES Reproduction Board Guide (27C322/27C160)

Please look at the main entry for more information on how to prepare the ROM file! Here I will detail to you a guide to making SNES games using my custom boards. These boards differ from other designs in that there are TWO EPROM sockets, and they support the 27C322 and 27C160 EPROMs. That gives … Continue reading SNES Reproduction Board Guide (27C322/27C160)

Multicart Overview

The theory behind multicarts isn't too complicated, and there are many ways of going about making them. Making multicarts for the classic retro systems is easiest when you use the reset button on the console to change games. There are some multicarts I've seen that have menus built-in (I mean, technically, Mario Bros/Duck Hunt was … Continue reading Multicart Overview

Basic SNES Reproduction Board Guide

THIS POST IS OUTDATED. IT WILL BE UPDATED SOON. Please look at the main entry for more information! Here I will detail to you a quick and dirty guide to making SNES repros using my basic custom boards. There's a lot more detail over on the main tutorial, but here I will forgo a lot … Continue reading Basic SNES Reproduction Board Guide

The SNES Cartridge, Briefly Explained

SNES cartridges come in a few different variants, distinct in a few major ways. As noted in the main SNES reproduction guide, there are six major categories that set apart different boards - bank type, ROM size, SRAM size, extra chips, speed, and the video type or region. If you check out my big list … Continue reading The SNES Cartridge, Briefly Explained

How to Make a SNES Reproduction Cartridge

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for educational purposes. The instructions and products discussed are for the creation of homemade games only, or for repairing damaged cartridges for personal use, and should not be used for duplicating and distributing games protected by copyright. I am not responsible for any damage to you or your property - attempt … Continue reading How to Make a SNES Reproduction Cartridge