Basic NES Reproduction Board Guide

Please look at the main entry for more information on how to prepare the ROM file! Here's a quick guide on how to populate my custom designed NES reproduction PCB. This is the "Basic" version that supports NROM, CNROM, AOROM, UNROM, and UOROM games. Front Side PRG ROM Chip Needed for: All game typesPart Number: EPROMs: 27C256, … Continue reading Basic NES Reproduction Board Guide

Multicart Overview

The theory behind multicarts isn't too complicated, and there are many ways of going about making them. Making multicarts for the classic retro systems is easiest when you use the reset button on the console to change games. There are some multicarts I've seen that have menus built-in (I mean, technically, Mario Bros/Duck Hunt was … Continue reading Multicart Overview

How to Make an NES Reproduction Cartridge

Ever want to play a rare or expensive game on the NES instead of on an emulator? What about a game only available on the Famicom? Or maybe your very own ROM hack? With this guide, I can help you make that happen! Learn how to put these onto a physical cartridge to play on your very own NES!